Voting by persons temporarily residing abroad (ERTA)

The deadline for applying to vote by post for voters temporarily residing abroad (ERTA) has been extended to 29 June inclusive.

Voters who wish to vote and are temporarily abroad between the announcement of an electoral process and the holding thereof must apply to vote in advance.

The application form can be found at Consulates and Embassies and it can be downloaded.

The completed application form must be delivered in person at the Consulate or Embassy.

In order to apply, the voter must be listed in the Consular Enrolment Register as a non-resident. Both procedures (application and registration) can be carried out at the same time.

The deadline for applications is 24 June (extended until 29 June inclusive).

The Electoral Census Office will send you the voting documents.

They must be sent no later than ****11 July. The time it takes for the documents to arrive at the address abroad must be added to this period.

What does the electoral documentation sent by the Electoral Census Office consist of?

  • An information sheet.

  • Electoral roll registration certificate.

  • Ballot papers and envelopes

  • An envelope that must contain the address of the polling station where they are entitled to vote.

  • An official form to enable reimbursement of postage costs, if applicable.

The voter shall select his or her voting option:

  • For the election of Parliamentary Deputies, the ballot paper corresponding to the chosen candidate shall be placed inside the white voting envelope.
  • For the election of Senators, mark the candidate(s) of your choice according to the instructions on the ballot paper. Then place this ballot paper in the brown voting envelope.

The following will then be placed in the envelope addressed to the polling station:

  • The voting envelope with the ballot papers.
  • Electoral roll registration certificate.
  • If you so wish, the completed form for the reimbursement of the postage costs.

You have until 19 July to send this envelope by registered mail.

To ensure the validity of these votes, the envelope must be clearly stamped with a postmark or any other official inscription provided by the corresponding national Post Office, certifying that it has been sent before the envisaged deadline.

The Post Office service will keep the correspondence addressed to the polling station until the day of the voting and transfer it from 9:00 am until 8:00 pm on the same day.

More information at the Embassy or Consulate and on the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, European Union and Cooperation website, and the INE website.