Grants for electoral expenses

Order updating the grants for electoral expenses for the General Elections to be held on 23 July 2023: HFP/546/2023 of 30 May (Official State Gazette no. 130 of 1 June)

Types and requirements:

By election results

  • €21,167.64 for each seat (deputy or senator).
  • €0.81 per vote, if at least one elected deputy has been obtained.
  • €0.32 per vote, for each candidate who wins a senatorial seat.

By electoral deliveries

  • €0.23 per voter in each of the constituencies in which a list has been submitted to the Congress of Deputies and the Senate.
  • This amount is only paid if the candidature obtains the number of deputies or senators or votes required to constitute a parliamentary group in either chamber.
  • Even if a parliamentary group is obtained in both chambers, the grant will only be received once.