In-person voting (Voting at the Polling Station)

All voters will receive a census card from the Electoral Census Office with the updated details of their registration on the electoral roll and the Section and the Polling Station where they should vote. The Electoral Census Office will also inform the persons affected by any modifications to the Sections, Premises and Polling Stations that may have occurred.

Voting will begin at 9:00 am on 23 July, although the polling place will be open earlier to enable the polling station officers to arrive and set up the station, verify that there are no problems with the electoral material (ballot boxes, booths, signage, envelopes, ballot papers, forms, etc.) and accredit the auditors, proxies, etc.

Voting will end at 8:00 pm, at which time the Presiding Officer of the polling station will announce the end of the voting. However, if anyone is still on the premises, the Presiding Officer will allow them to vote.

The identification is carried out by means of the following:

  • National Identity Card (DNI).
  • Passport (with a photograph).
  • Driving licence (with a photograph). This can also be validated by the miDGT application

It does not matter if these documents are out of date, but they must be originals, not photocopies.

Voting starts at 9 a.m.

Votes may only be cast at the polling station corresponding to each voter, except for the auditors who exercise their right to vote at the polling station for which they are accredited if it pertains to the constituency in which they are registered.

The voters will approach the desk and state their name and surname to the Presiding Officer. The officers and auditors will check their identity and right to vote by means of the electoral roll. They will hand the sealed envelope or envelopes to the Presiding Officer, who, without concealing them from public view at any time, will call out their names and, adding “Vote”, hand the envelope or envelopes back so that they can be inserted into the appropriate ballot boxes.

Voting will end at 8:00 pm, at which time the polling station officers will announce the end of the voting. However, if anyone is still on the premises, they will be allowed to vote.

The Administration of the State or, as appropriate, that of the Autonomous Communities upon which powers in labour matters have been conferred, following an agreement with the Government Delegates with regard to the personnel employed by others and the Public Administrations with regard to their personnel, will take the measures required to ensure that the personnel providing services on election day have up to four paid hours off during their working hours in order to exercise their right to vote. When the work is performed during a shorter working day, the corresponding reduction shall be made on a proportional basis.

In the case of persons who, due to being away from their usual place of residence on election day or finding it difficult to exercise their right to vote for other reasons, the necessary measures will be adopted to enable them to vote by post and have up to four hours of free time to exercise this right, in accordance with the procedure established in article 72 of the Organic Law on the General Electoral System.