I live outside Spain. How do I apply for a postal vote?

For these General Elections, the Provincial Delegations of the Electoral Census Office will send the following documentation ex officio to the registration address of each person of Spanish nationality registered in the electoral roll of resident-absent voters living abroad:

  • The voting envelope
  • Two identical certificates of registration in the electoral roll of absent voters living abroad.
  • Envelope addressed to the Provincial Election Board.
  • Envelope addressed to the Consulate or Embassy.
  • An information sheet on how to exercise the right to vote.
  • The list of centres authorised to deposit votes in ballot boxes within their consular demarcation.

The documents must be sent by the ERO by registered post from the 17 until 23 June, plus the time it takes for the documents to arrive at the address abroad.

The ERO will also send the official ballot papers to the address of registration of each absent resident voter, from 28 June and no later than 2 July, in those provinces where the proclamation of candidatures has not been contested, and no later than 8 July in the remaining provinces.

Include the following in the envelope addressed to the Provincial Election Board:

  • Voting envelopes with your vote.
  • One of the electoral roll registration certificates.
  • Photocopy of passport or identity card issued by the Spanish authorities or certificate of nationality or registration in the consular register issued by the Spanish consulate in the country of residence.

From here you can:

Deposit this envelope in person in the ballot boxes provided for this purpose at your embassy or consulate between 15 and 20 July.

Or send this envelope by registered post until 18 July. In this case, the following should be included in the envelope addressed to the consulate or embassy:

  • Envelope addressed to the Provincial Election Board with the contents indicated above.
  • The second electoral roll registration certificate,
  • If desired, the completed form for the return of postage costs in countries where no post office box has been opened.

Once deadlines have expired, all votes (received by post or deposited in ballot boxes) will be sent to the polling stations responsible for the counting of the votes.

More information at the Embassy or Consulate and at www.exteriores.gob.es(A new window will open) and www.ine.es(A new window will open)