I want to vote, but I will be abroad temporarily for the next election

The application

Electors who are temporarily abroad between the calling of an election process and its taking place and wish to exercise their right to vote may do so by following a specific procedure

Fill in the application form, which you can find at your consulate or embassy, or in the “GENERAL INFORMATION” section of this website.

The form must be submitted in person at the consulate or embassy.

In order to apply, you must be registered in the consular register as a non-resident.

Both procedures (application and registration) can be carried out at the same time.

The procedure

The electoral register office will send you the following items:

  • An information sheet.
  • Ballot papers for all candidacies and voting envelopes for all the processes called.
  • Electoral roll registration certificate.
  • An envelope addressed to your polling station.
  • Form for the refund of postal vote postage costs.

You must include the following in the envelope addressed to the polling station:

  • Voting envelopes with your vote.
  • Electoral roll registration certificate.
  • If you wish, the completed form for the refund of postage costs.

Send the envelope by registered mail, which can be done only until 19 July.

For these votes to be valid, it is essential that the envelope be clearly marked with a postmark or other official inscription from a post office of the state concerned certifying that it has been sent within the prescribed time limit.

More information at the embassy or consulate and at:

www.exteriores.gob.es(A new window will open)

www.ine.es(A new window will open)