Permissions and Allowances

The persons who constitute the Polling Station for the elections on 23 July must carry out their duties on polling day, regardless of the working day of the previous day.

On Election Day, if it is a working day, employees and officials working at the Polling Station are entitled to a full day’s paid leave. In any event, they will be entitled to a five-hour reduction in their working day on the immediately following day.

In order to make it easier for Polling Station members to carry out their duties, the night shift starting on 23 July will be counted as a working day on election day, and the right to a five-hour reduction in the working day may be exercised on the employee’s next night shift, provided that this shift starts on the day immediately following election day on 23 May.

An allowance of €70 is paid to members of Polling Stations.

If one of the alternates has to perform the function due to the absence of the incumbent, they are entitled to paid leave and a reduced working day, as well as a per diem allowance. These rights shall not be granted if the alternate fails to take their seat at the Polling Station.