Social Security

Irrespective of their individual status (worker, pensioner, unemployed, etc.), all persons appointed as members (both titular and alternate) of a Polling Station for the purposes of an electoral process are specially protected by the Social Security system.

They shall be protected against all risks arising from their status as a member or alternate member of a Polling Station and directly related to the performance of their duties, including accidents “in itinere”, and any injury they may suffer shall be considered an accident at work.

The benefits they are entitled to are as follows:

  • Health Care.
  • Additional Benefits.
  • Financial Benefits.
  • Social Services.

In the event of the need for medical assistance, the person concerned or, failing that, their relatives or the other members of the Polling Station shall inform the Government Delegation or Sub-delegation as soon as possible of the following details:

  • Personal data of the data subject.
  • The Polling Station to which they belonged.
  • Accident and location.
  • Centre where they were treated.

The General Directorate for Internal Policies, in communication with the Government Delegates and Sub-delegates, will take the necessary steps with the National Social Security Institute to speed up and facilitate the protection to be provided.

Other non-health benefits (Additional Benefits, Economic Benefits and Social Services) are also reported to the relevant Government Delegation or Sub-delegation.