Transfer of the amounts of the grants for electoral expenses

IMPORTANT: In order for the Ministry of the Interior to be able to process the grants for electoral expenses, it is essential for the following to be communicated to the competent Electoral Board or, in due course, the Court of Audit, to enable them to inform the Directorate General for Domestic Policy of:

  1. The name of the political entity, indicating whether it is a party, federation, coalition or Grouping of voters.

  2. The province in which they have obtained electoral results or where the head office is located.

  3. The identification data of the Administrator (Forename, Surname(s), Address, Town/City and Province) granting his/her consent to the verification of his/her personal data via the Identity Data Verification System or a photocopy of his/her ID card.

  4. The standard letter specifying the bank account and communication of the de-registration of the bank details from the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Digital Transformation, which must include:

    • The 24 digits of the IBAN code.
    • The holder of the bank account must be the political formation, and all fields in the bank account designation form must be completed.
    • The name of the political entity represented by the above-mentioned Administrator.
    • It is absolutely essential that it is stamped by the financial institution.

This information can be sent directly to the Directorate General for Domestic Policy, provided that it has been previously communicated to the above-mentioned bodies.